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Information from the natESM hands-on session of the DKRZ User Workshop October 2022:



1- CUDA, OpenACC, and more: Many ways lead to GPUs

Dr. Andreas Herten, JSC

Slides (13 MB)

Exercises (4,6 MB)

GPU Vendor/Programming Model Compatibility Table

2- Performance analysis in a nutshell

Michael Knobloch, JSC

Slides (7 MB)

Exercises (6,9 MB)

Data (5,2 MB)

Executed Sprints

Already accepted sprints can be found here.

For information about the closed sprints beyond the PDF, please have a look in the Gitlab Wiki and in the Lessons learned.


Service Description



Analysis of ART code for GPU porting

Review August 2022


Online coupling mHM into ICON using YAC

Review March 2023


Optimise the data transfers between host (CPU) and device (GPU)

Review June 2023


Port FESOM 2.1 to JUWELS booster and Levante- GPU

Review July 2023


Port ParFlow to AMD GPUs, Inspection of RAPID Memory Manager and Hipification, Performance Analysis

Review August 2023