Working groups can be proposed by anyone from the community who volunteers to take the lead and to serve as the contact point for others interested in attending the group.

Establishment and dissolution of a working group
  1. A working group always has a clear goal to advance natESM.
  2. A working group should not last longer than one year.
  3. Achieving a technical development goal enables the simulation needed to pursue a scientific goal.
  4. A technical development goal should be confined enough to permit rapid completion.
  5. Additional technical development goals should be tackled in a future working group.
  6. A proposal for a working group can be made through a brief write-up to the process coordinator summarizing the working-group goals, as well as a schedule.
  7. A working group is completed through a brief retrospective describing outcomes and lessons learned.
  8. Working-group proposals and retrospectives are made available on this website.
Current working groups and contact person

The following working groups were suggested during our community workshop on 30-31 March 23 and have already taken their first steps. 

Completed working groups

The following working groups have already completed their work on the respective challenge. 

  1. Establishing a community-wide communication platform - Iris Ehlert (DKRZ)