The Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy) is a software providing a framework for a standardized, bottom-up implementation of Earth System Models (or parts of those) with flexible complexity. "Bottom-up" means, the MESSy software provides an infrastructure with generalized interfaces for the standardized control and interconnection (=coupling) of "low-level ESM components" (dynamic cores, physical parameterizations, chemistry packages, diagnostics etc.), which are called submodels. MESSy comprises currently about 60 submodels (i.e., coded MESSy conform):

  • infrastructure (= the framework) submodels
  • diagnostic submodels
  • atmospheric chemistry related submodels
  • model physics related submodels

MESSy is a multi-institutional project and developed by a consortium and supported by DKRZ, LRZ, MPCDF and JSC.

The usage of MESSy can be licenced to all affiliates of institutions, which are member of the MESSy Consortium. Before an end-user can become licensee, she/he has to complete the application. Please have a closer look of the process here.

More information, submodels, tools and publications about MESSy here and on Wiki

If you want to get started, please inform before about the licensing process.