In October 2022, we organized our first technical workshop in Hamburg within the DKRZ User Workshop 2022.

Presentations and results

Under the motto "Exchange of experience on the use of Levante and new conditions in HPC", five representatives from the user group reported on current developments in climate models and the challenges in model development.See more about the general presentations in Indico.

The second workshop day was dedicated to training courses and practical work. The natESM project team gave an introduction to code analysis and GPU programming. The topics could be tested directly by applying them to one's own model or workflow.

  1. CUDA, OpenACC, and more: Many ways lead to GPUs [Andreas Herten (JSC)]
    and Exercises
    GPU Vendor/Programming Model Compatibility Table
  2. Performance analysis in a nutshell [Michael Knobloch (JSC)]
    and Exercises as well as data

The final agenda can be found here.



More pictures can be found here.