On October 25, we conducted a KickOff meeting to discuss the development of a future land-ice component for natESM.
Main outcomes
  1. The two models ISSM and PISM were identified as potential candidates for natESM.
  2. We established a new working group focusing on the implementation of the land-ice component. If you are interested in participating, please contact Kira Rehfeld and Thomas Jung or contact us in the Mattermost channel.
  3. We will organize the next workshop on the land-ice component during our upcoming community workshop in Leipzig.

In the beginning, four participants gave an overview of the ISSM and PISM models, and laid the basis for our discussions on the further development.

  1. Ice sheet modelling using the Ice Sheet and Sea Level System Model ISSM [Angelika Humbert (AWI)]
  2. Modelling of Alpine Glaciers in the Earth System with ISSM [Martin Rückamp (BADW)]
  3. Ice sheet modeling with PISM [Torsten Albrecht (PIK)]
  4. Using PISM to account for dynamic ice-sheet changes in long-term ESM simulations [Clemens Schannwell (MPI-M)]

Following these presentations, we engaged in a lively discussion about both models and the broader challenges faced by ice-sheet modeling.

Download the meeting memo