At the end of February 2022, we organized our next digital workshop due to COVID19, and had deep and successful discussions about the next sprints, the procedere in general and future steps of the project.

Main outcomes
  1. The community was able to clarify all previous questions about the sprint process and the application process.
  2. The successful accepted sprints can be found here.
Presentations and results

The workshop started with presentations of all submitted so far sprint applications.

  1. ESM-Tools [Miguel Andrés-Martinez (AWI and GEOMAR)]
  2. FESOM 2.1 [Dmitry Sidorenko (AWI)]
  3. FESOM - C [Vera Fofonova (AWI)]
  4. HAMOCC-ICON [Fatemeh Chegini (MPI-M)]
  5. mHM-ICON-YAC [Stephan Thober (UFZ)]
  6. Pre-ARTEX [Ali Hoshyaripour (KIT)]
  7. ICON [Peter Korn (MPI-M)]
  8. MESSy-YAXT [Kerstin Hartung (DLR)]
  9. MESSy [Astrid Kerkweg (FZ Jülich)]
  10. FOCI-OpenIFS [Joakim Kjellsson (GEOMAR)]
  11. ParFlow [Daniel Caviedes Voullième (FZ Jülich)]
  12. SCHISM [Emil Stanev (HEREON)]
  13. WAM [Marcel Ricker (HEREON)]

After short discussions and the possibility of comments and questions in the ZUM-Pad (PDF), the workshop was summarized by Jochem Marotzke. 

The final agenda can be found here.