Oct 25, 2023
(Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


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Welcome to the natESM land-ice component selection workshop

Let's shape the future of Earth system modeling together!

The vision of natESM is to create a world-leading, multiscale, seamless Earth system modelling system, usable in research, operational applications, training, and education. A modelling system that considers German expertise, does not exclude international components but avoids dependencies and has a fit-for purpose transparent governance structure.

Ice sheets are an important part of the Earth system, and consequently an important part of this ESM system will be the ice sheet component.  We would like to coordinate with you how we can best implement this component into the natESM system. 

Questions should be discussed such as:

  • Which model?
  • Why this model?
  • What are the technical requirements, interfaces to other components of natESM?

To do this, we all first need to get an overview of what possible solutions you and others have to this challenge. Therefore, it would be great if you could introduce yourself to the other participants in the opening round with a short impulse talk about your personal ideas on the possibilities of implementing an ice sheet component into natESM.

Afterwards, we would knock down the proposed model on the technical criteria that need to be met for any natESM component and discuss further steps.

The agenda will cover:
  1. Welcome by Kira Rehfeld and Thomas Jung at 9 a.m.
  2. Opening round / Tour de table, starting with a short overview of the natESM project by Iris Ehlert
  3. Presentations on possible future natESM ice-sheet models
    1. Ice sheet modelling using the Ice Sheet and Sea Level System Model ISSM (Angelika Humbert)
    2. Modelling of Alpine glaciers in the Earth system with ISSM (Martin Rückamp)
    3. Ice sheet modeling with PISM: From paleo applications to sea-level projections and tipping dynamics (Torsten Albrecht)
    4. Using PISM to account for dynamic ice-sheet changes in long-term Earth System Model simulations (Clemens Schannwell)
  4. 30 minutes comfort break at around 10:30
  5. Discussion on whether the proposed models already meet the natESM criteria (Please find a list of the technical criteria outlined for becoming part of the natESM system below.).
  6. Next steps
  7. End of workshop at 12:30

If you would like to participate, please contact the natESM support team at info@nat-esm.de.